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State of the Wild with Sharon Guynup

Episode Summary

I've been a serious fan of Sharon Guynup for going on a decade now. She is a tremendously committed and courageous author, journalist, editor, photographer, producer, speaker, National Geographic Explorer, a global fellow at the Wilson Center, and a co-founder of Big Cat Voices. In today's episode, Sharon and I discuss zoonotic diseases, the roots of pandemics, the wildlife trade - legal and illegal, climate change, and many of the environmental issues having huge impacts on our modern world. We also discuss speaking up, speaking out and how everything we discuss affects leaders and individuals, everywhere.

Episode Notes

Sharon Guynup is an award-winning journalist and editor who covers endangered species, ecosystems, climate change, energy, environmental health issues, pollution, national security, and other issues. She's written for National Geographic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Scientific American, The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Mongabay, and other outlets. She speaks on public panels and is a global fellow with the Wilson Center's Environmental Change and Security Program and China Environment Forum.

Sharon's investigation for National Geographic into wildlife trafficking from the Tiger Temple in Thailand prompted officials to shut it down and seize the monastery’s 147 tigers.

Her stories have earned awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, New York City's Deadline Club, and an Arlene Award for “an article that makes a difference” from the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

Sharon produces multimedia pieces and has worked on TV and film projects, most recently, National Geographic Channel's 2020-21 TRAFFICKED series. She has edited special issues and articles for outlets including The Conversation and Scientific American and launched the"State of the Wild" book series for the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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